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Our Partners’ network is constantly expanding. If you are a professional in the road assistance field, our company’s doors are always open for future collaboration.

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By clicking the button Become a partner, I agree that KOV Technology or its representatives may contact me the telephone, by e-mail, SMS on an address and/or telephone provided. - Privacy policy.

Low commissions

Standard fee of 10% applies to all payments. No hidden charges. Same prices for each service throughout the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Partner’s pricelist contains fixed prices of various services for all Partners. In accordance with this, we enable our users to have complete transparency over the pricing of the services and we protect customers’ rights. Competition on the market is directly dependent on the quality of the service you provide and your activity on the market, and not the prices of the services themselves.

No investments needed

If you provide road assistance professionally, whether as a company or an individual, you can apply for a Partner's position almost free of charge. The success of your business on our user network is in no way influenced by investments, but instead by your work, activity and rating which you receive from the user. VOZZi is a developed online service with an organized infrastructure that we are constantly improving. We grow with your success in business.

You are in control

Take control over your business. You get to decide your own work hours. As a Partner, you have a full right to deny service to a client and/or not charge a service. Your business success is conditioned solely by your work and the relationship with your clients, and it is up to you to showcase your skills on the vast market that we have opened for you. You control your image and dealings, so take every chance you can.