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Nenad Rankov


Uses VOZZi frequently

Because of my work and its requirements, I travel a lot in Europe. Anytime I get a chance, I get travel insurance via VOZZi. #vozzirules

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Maja Stipanović


Got to work on time

In the morning, my car simply won't start. Roadside assistance came in 15 minutes, solved a problem, and I could get on time to get my kid to kindergarten and to get to work. #bravovozzi

via VOZZi website

Miljan Plamenac


Flawless experience!

VOZZi is really simple and intuitive. When I needed help on the road, I entered the app, looked up for help, and in just a few minutes, everything happened! I got to home safe and my car got repaired in a record time! #bravovozzi

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Darko Vidić


Roads need VOZZi!

How did nobody remember this before? Luckily, I never had any trouble or problem on the open road, but many around me did. VOZZi was really missing on our roads. #bravovozzi

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Mladen Stojanović


I pay only when I have a problem

I had the privilege to try VOZZi among the first. Phenomenal. VOZZi is real salvation for the drivers. I hope I will never need it, but just in case, the application is on the phone. #bravovozzi

via VOZZi website

Željko Slović


What a technological progress!

I'm just starting to cooperate with VOZZi, but I know that this is going to help me a lot to improve my job. Everything is just so easy and transparent. #VOZZi

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