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Kada se prijatelj registruje u VOZZi aplikaciji dobijate 5% popusta na pakete pomoći na putu. Preporučujući aplikaciju možete ostvariti čak do 40% popusta. Popust važi samo za kupovinu iz aplikacije i ne važi za EU dopune standardnih paketa

Kako radi VOZZi?

Install the VOZZi app and earn its numerous advantages and service that it offers.

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Assistance on the road

If your car lets you downm, VOZZi app will gladly be of service to provide you help just when you need it the most!

VOZZi cards and packages for roadside assistance

Think in advance! By buying a VOZZI card, you are securing yourself a roadside assistance and numerous discounts for your car.

Travel insurance

With the help of VOZZi app, you can easily and simply acquire the insurance without leaving the comfort of your home or a car.


Exclusive offers and discounts tailored to you and your car.


If you describe yourself as a company that offers professional roadside assistance on the road, then contact us!

Preporučite VOZZi aplikaciju, ostvarite popust i putujte bezbrižno

VOZZi user reviews

There is a huge number of people already using our platform. Your experience and review of the app is really important to us.

Poslušali su preporuku majstora i iskoristili EU paket na povratku sa letovanja. Nikad se ne zna.
Poslušali su preporuku majstora i iskoristili EU paket na povratku sa letovanja. Nikad se ne zna.
Kvar na automobilu prvog dana letovanja ne mora da znači i kraj letovanja. Uz VOZZi EU paket automobil je stigao kući.
Šlepanje bez dodatnih troškova iz Evrope, kako se porodica Zečević vratila kući.
Maja Stipanović
Stigla na vreme na posao

In the morning, my car simply won't start. Roadside assistance came in 15 minutes, solved a problem, and I could get on time to get my kid to kindergarten and to get to work. #bravovozzi

via VOZZi website
Mladen Stojanović
I pay only when I have a problem

I had the privilege to try VOZZi among the first. Phenomenal. VOZZi is real salvation for the drivers. I hope I will never need it, but just in case, the application is on the phone. #vozzirules

via VOZZi website
Darko Vidić
Roads need VOZZi!

How did nobody remember this before? Luckily, I never had any trouble or problem on the open road, but many around me did. VOZZi was really missing on our roads. #vozzirules

via VOZZi website
Miljan Plamenac
Sve pohvale!

VOZZi is really simple and intuitive. When I needed help on the road, I entered the app, looked up for help, and in just a few minutes, everything happened! I got to home safe and my car got repaired in a record time! #bravovozzi

via VOZZi website
Nenad Rankov
Uses VOZZi frequently

Because of my work and its requirements, I travel a lot in Europe. Anytime I get a chance, I get travel insurance via VOZZi. #VOZZi

via VOZZi website
Željko Slović
Kakav tehnološki napredak!

I'm just starting to cooperate with VOZZi, but I know that this is going to help me a lot to improve my job. Everything is just so easy and transparent. #VOZZi

via VOZZi website

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VOZZi in the media

If car suffers from a breakdown on the road - this is the nearest service on the road!

Mile Cvik becomes VOZZi

From the world of finance, he switched to IT: Developed an app for roadside assistance

Where can you acquire/buy road assistance package?

As of this day, within the VOZZi app and at the stores of our reseller partners, you can find our newest version of packages for roadside assistance. Take a look if there are any locations near you.

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