Road Assistance

Ever happened to you that your car just won’t start in the morning or you had a flat tire on a relaxing trip with your family? VOZZi takes the stress out of being helpless on the road. Outsource your road stress to VOZZi and you will enjoy your vacation and travel freely.

Nenad Rankov


Uses VOZZi frequently

Because of my work and its requirements, I travel a lot in Europe. Anytime I get a chance, I get travel insurance via VOZZi. #vozzirules

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Maja Stipanović


Got to work on time

In the morning, my car simply won't start. Roadside assistance came in 15 minutes, solved a problem, and I could get on time to get my kid to kindergarten and to get to work. #bravovozzi

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Travel Insurance

One of the most forgotten things during the travel preparation is your health travel insurance, which is a mandatory when traveling abroad. With VOZZi you can ...


If you are a company that provdies professional road assistance services and roadside repairs, please contact us for cooperation.